This is the website for the Conservative Friends of the Armed Forces (CF Armed Forces).

Our Mission: CFAF is a membership group established to provide a friendly environment for armed forces personnel, veterans and supporters, who support the Conservative Party, to meet, attend events and discuss politics and defence issues together. Those who are eligible are also welcome to join us campaigning.

Our Vision: CFAF works to represent the interests of the Armed Forces within the Conservative Party. We aim to facilitate a greater understanding amongst those who support the armed forces, as well as those serving within the military, of the effect of political policies on service personnel and the capabilities that they depend upon. 

Our Values: CFAF’s values are grounded in our shared purpose of ensuring positive policies and political understanding for all those who are currently serving, and have served, in the British and Commonwealth Armed Forces.

We want your help. Please consider becoming a member and help our small team have a big impact. Your donation of £10 a year to the organisation will go towards running events, administration costs and any left over will be put into a campaign war chest to spend on supporting MPs and Parliamentary Candidates who agree with our vision and values.

Come and meet like-minded people at our events. Join us at canvassing and campaign sessions (if you’re eligible to) to support MPs and candidates who share our vision and values; at Conservative events; and with friends in social settings to promote our organisation and to help us grow.