CF Armed Forces is a network of Conservative Party members and supporters who have an affinity with the Armed Forces of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

We are a membership group established to provide an environment for armed forces personnel, veterans and supporters, who support the Conservative Party and want a place to meet, discuss and campaign together.

We work to represent the interests of the Armed Forces within the Conservative Party. We aim to facilitate a greater understanding amongst those who support the armed forces, as well as those serving within the military, of the effect of political policies on service personnel and the capabilities that they depend upon. 

Our members might be Navy, Army or Air Force veterans; Reserve or Regular officers and soldiers; seamen and air crew; have relatives who have served, or people from any walk of life who are simply interested in supporting the Armed Forces.

We host events during the year and mobilise supporters to help campaign on behalf of both the Armed Forces and the Conservative Party.

Our vision, values and aims can be found here.