CF Armed Forces are very fortunate to have a core team of dedicated activists who go the extra mile to spread our messages, support veterans and the military and highlight our work across the country. They’re introduced below (with more to follow):

Janette Corker wants to be Prime Minister ! 

She is a mother of three children and has a granddaughter. Janette is a temporary accommodation tenant and has mostly worked as a zero hours contract,  minimum wage cleaner. She is well read but feels digitally excluded. London based, she has been a Member of Westminster North Conservatives for 4 years and has been a Member of Conservative Friends of the Armed Forces for nearly 2 years. She’s very active in both and has been campaigning for the Conservatives across the country.

Simon Davies is a serving Royal Naval Reservist and has served with the Royal Navy over 5 mobilisations and a deployment, the most recent completed in early 2023. When not mobilised, Simon is responsible for recruiting and digital engagement for the Royal Naval Reserve in the Bristol and surrounding area.  He is Chairman of the largest grouping in the Conservative Party, Bristol and South Gloucestershire Conservative Federation. He has served as an elected Councillor in Somerset, and has stood in many elections since joining the Party in 1992. He enjoys socialising, campaigning and podcasts!

Andy Huggins

Andrew Huggins is a veteran who conducted two tours of Iraq as a Royal Artillery soldier. He is now a father of three and a Captain for Ryanair. Andrew was elected as a District Councillor in 2019 and serves as Hertfordshire’s County Chairman of the Royal British Legion. He is a parliamentary candidate who is looking forward to winning the next general election and returning a Conservative Government. Andrew has also recently joined Visit England as a boardroom apprentice, where he hopes to further the strength of the British tourism industry. 

Dr Neil Shastri-Hurst

Neil Shastri-Hurst is a barrister, surgeon, and British Army Veteran. As a doctor, Neil cared for both civilians and military personnel who had sustained catastrophic and life changing injuries. Since leaving regular military service, Neil has maintained close links with the military community, having been appointed a member of the Veterans Advisory and Pensions Committee.  Actively involved in politics, Neil has served as an officer of the Voluntary Party at Constituency, Area, and Regional levels; he currently chairs disciplinary sub-committee hearings for the Party Board.  He has played an active role in numerous local and national campaigns, including standing as the Conservative Candidate in the 2021 North Shropshire parliamentary by-election. 

Shane Manning

Shane Manning is a Conservative Councillor in East Hertfordshire, winning his seat in December 2019. He has worked in the financial services sector for the last eight years leading global teams and delivering multi-million pound digital change projects. He has been a governor for two local schools in Hertfordshire and is an Executive Council member of the Patchwork Foundation, a social mobility charity set up to support young people from underrepresented communities. He is an approved parliamentary candidate and is looking forward to playing his part in delivering another Conservative government at the next election. He loves both playing and watching sports and traveling whenever possible with his very patient wife.

Ed McGuinness

Ed McGuinness is a Conservative campaigner and former British Army officer, chairman of Islington Conservatives, President of Conservatives in the City and board member of CF Armed Forces. He was also a Parliamentary candidate in the 2019 General Election. Ed’s passions are providing exciting policies for young people, ensuring the economy is secure and the Union. Learn more about Ed here

Roger Metcalfe

Roger Metcalfe is from Suffolk, and now lives in London. He served for 30 years in the Regular Army, and a further 10 (so far) in the Army Reserve.  He holds an MBA from Henley Business School; his dissertation was in strategic marketing in the energy sector.  He served as a Councillor on Wycombe District Council, and as Chief of Staff to an MP.  He serves as an Ambassador for SE Region, Conservative Policy Forum.  Roger volunteers with Kew Village Market.  He is a Civil Aviation Authority Flying Display Director, and Project Manager.