What is the CF Armed Forces Candidate Training Wing?

The CF Armed Forces Training Wing is a newly founded forum for aspiring Conservative Parliamentary candidates. (Our Council Candidate element is coming soon).

We know that the process of becoming a Conservative parliamentary candidate can be shrouded in mystery, tricky, long and frustrating; the Training Wing is a space in which candidates can learn about the strategies current MPs used, develop their skills and advance their own understandings of why they want to be an MP. 

Operating within the wider CF Armed Forces network, the Training Wing functions to help candidates improve themselves in preparation for becoming elected representatives which we hope will ultimately improve the already high quality of MPs in the Commons. 

CTW 1st Event


Membership is open to anyone who aspires to be a Conservative Parliamentary candidate, whether you have run in an election before or are simply considering future pathways. (As with Membership CF Armed Forces reserves the right to vet any and all applications).

We are also creating a specific forum for prospective Councillors – we recognise the importance of local councillors across the country and that becoming a councillor can be an important step towards becoming a Member of Parliament in the future. As such, we want to ensure prospective councillors are as well prepared as prospective MPs. This branch of the Training Wing is coming soon.

CTW Event 2

What we offer 

For £20 per month the Training Wing will be offering a tailored diary of events to support candidates, including: 

  • A monthly event with a current MP; this will be a chance to understand more about the role, the different journeys MPs take to get to where they are now and an opportunity to ask questions
  • A monthly reading and discussion group – we will choose the book and some topics to discuss. We aim to provide an opportunity to think and develop ideas.
  • A monthly event led by speakers from different sectors; one month this could be an event led by a nurse and a doctor, and the next it could be a Q&A from a selection of headteachers. This segment is to expose potential candidates to a diverse range of people and experiences within society. 

We will also organise a range of other ad-hoc events such as:

  • Events with niche area speakers – this might be a Q&A event with a former MP, to a local Conservative Association Chair. We know that getting the perspectives of a range of people is important. 
  • Informal and in-person events, as Covid-19 restrictions and the geographic spread of members of the network allows, so that you can meet in-person and get to know each other in a more traditional and relaxed manner!
  • Come party conference, we will also be holding an exclusive event for everyone involved in the Training Wing. 

Importantly, you can attend as many or as few of these events as you like. We understand prospective candidates have busy schedules.

Moreover, this candidate network is made for you – the candidate. Therefore, if you have suggestions about events or resources that you might find interesting, then we would be open to looking into what can be done to accommodate this. 

Finally, with many links within the sector, we are also able to link candidates with further resources that may be useful, whether that be media assistance, regional advice, or sources of funding.

CTW Campaigning

So – when can I get involved?

We are launching the network in March to start the events in April. Please fill out the form below and using the next screen pay your subs and Mark will be in touch shortly.


“I have been a member of the CFAF CTW since April 2021 and I enjoy the events and Zoom Meetings. I have been out campaigning with CFAF as well and I  would recommend them for people whom want to try to become a Conservative Candidate.” – Janette Corker, CFAF CTW Member and Conservative Campaigner

“The team at Conservative Friends of the Armed Forces Training Wing have put together a brilliant package for current and aspiring candidates.  Insightful, inspiring, and intellectually stimulating, the combination of engaging speakers, first class events, and networking opportunities provides an invaluable learning resource and source of support.” Neil Shastri-Hurst, Parliamentary candidate and CFAF CTW Member

“If you want to learn and grow, to improve and stay on track for achieving your most important goal you should join. It boils down to how much you want to become an MP – more than you want a takeaway once a month or not? The speakers are excellent and the intellectual side of the events is great for ideas for CVs and hustings prep. Mark has done a fantastic job of putting together the program and I’m excited to get started.” – James Clark, CF Armed Forces ED and Parliamentary Candidate

CF Armed Forces reserve the right to refuse any candidate attendance/membership of this program without appeal. Members may cancel their membership at any time.