The Operations team of the Conservative Friends of the Armed Forces, are committed to growing the organisation so that it can fulfil its main functions:

  • To provide an environment for armed forces personnel, veterans and supporters, who support the Conservative Party, to meet, discuss and campaign together.
  • To promote by way of conferences and other means, knowledge and understanding of Armed Forces Issues within the Conservative Party and in the country at large.
  • To set up study groups and events and to give expression to ideas and views on the future of the Armed Forces
  • To encourage close links between the Party and the Armed Forces including Veterans and the Reserve.
  • To work closely with the Conservative Party organisation and Conservative Campaign Headquarters.
  • To support the Conservative Party and to assist with its campaigns.

In order to fulfil these functions as well as we want to we rely on donations from people like you. We use donations for running and administration costs, events and contributing to the campaigns of candidates who cherish our values.

If you’re interested in making a donation please email

Please be aware, in order to maintain transparency all donations will be recorded and accepted in compliance with electoral commission rules. You can find these here.

Please consider donating to our organisation and helping to promote the cause of the Armed Forces within the Party and in politics more generally.