Historic Prosecutions

CF Armed Forces have been inundated with messages from members and friends (as well as from some organised non affiliated groups) about the current ongoing historic prosecution cases.

We are interested in the views of the public and our members and friends, though prefer civil language and considered opinion.

Our position generally is that historic prosecutions must come to an end, not least because they jeopardise the combat effectiveness of those currently serving as well as being hugely damaging to the individuals involved- making a mockery of the idea of the military covenant.

We will not be commenting on specific cases because we are not lawyers and rarely does the public have the intimate knowledge of a case and the case law that those connected with the cases will have.

That being said we are delighted that Hilary Meredith, a friend of CF Armed Forces who is Visiting Professor of Law and Veterans Affairs at Chester University has reached out to us. She has sent over to us a proposed bill she has drafted which has been published on the parliamentary website which can be found here.

We will continue to follow the cases in the press and continue to try to highlight how toxic this situation is to Conservative MPs on behalf of our members and the Armed Forces.