“As an Army Reserves Officer for more than 20 years, the Armed Forces have always played a strong role in my life. I know how dedicated our servicemen and women are to public duty, which is why I think CF Armed Forces is a great way for current and former service personnel to connect with the Conservative Party. It will also play an important role in ensuring that our country’s defence always remains a priority for the Party.” – Mr James Cleverly MP

“The Conservative Party should never stray from its commitment to our Armed Forces personnel past and present. We all owe a debt to our brave men and women who serve and have served to defend our nation. I am proud to have served and am now dedicated to ensuring that politicians honour that debt and ensure that joining the armed forces will always be a role to be proud of.” – Mr Johnny Mercer MP

 “As the son of a Royal Naval Officer, I was raised with the utmost respect for our Armed Forces, as well as for the wives, husbands, and children waiting at home while their loved ones are deployed. Our Armed Forces are, rightly, considered among the best in the world.” – Jeremy Hunt MP

“I am a huge supporter of the Armed Forces and incredibly proud of the nine years my wife spent in the RAF. The CF Armed Forces is a long overdue initiative which I am delighted to support and look forward to working closely with this excellent organisation over the coming years ” – Craig Tracey MP

“As soon as I heard about the launch of Conservative Friends of Armed Forces, I wanted to get involved and show my support.  I am passionate about backing our magnificent armed forces who defend our freedom and keep our nation safe.  I thoroughly endorse CF Armed Forces and their aims and all Conservatives should be standing with our brave servicemen and women, as they defend Queen and Country!” – Mr Andrew Rosindell MP

“I served in Iraq, Afghanistan and Northern Ireland during my decade of service in the Army and so I welcome this group. It is important that we support our troops who give their lives to protect us” – James Heappey MP

“I saw the photos from the launch and thought it’s about time someone started this. There’s a growing demand for those from a military background to enter local and national politics and this organisation can help do just that.” – Leo Docherty MP

Mr Philip Dunne MP

Sir Michael Fallon

Geoffrey Van Ouden MBE

Sir Nicolas Soames

Lord Tebbit

Mr Mark Francois MP

Sir Graham Brady MP

Lord and Lady Sheikh

Boris Johnson MP

Penny Mordaunt MP